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Ayurveda and Immunity: Thriving the Ayurvedic Way

Written by Sebastian Pole

Ayurveda presents some excellent philosophy and guidance on how we can maintain a healthy immune system. Here we will delve into how the immune system works and the role of our internal ‘digestive fire’.

In my clinical experience the majority of health imbalances come from some sort of deficiency and this invariably affects immunity. This depletion can manifest in dysfunction in the digestive system, endocrine system, neurological system and inflammatory processes in the body. From the Ayurvedic perspective this manifests as impaired digestive agni, tissue dhatu, constitutional dosha as well as our inherited reserve ojas and the life-force prana (see below for more about this). These directly and indirectly affect our deeper sense of health and well-being. One way of reversing this deficiency is to focus on nourishing the different aspects of immunity.

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