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Ayurvedic herbal classifications glossary

Ayurvedic herbal classifications glossary

Ayurveda is literally translated as “science of life” but it can also be described as “the way of living with awareness and promoting longevity”. Broadly speaking, Ayurveda is understood to be the generic term for traditional Indian medicine. But as well as being a medical system it includes aspects of philosophy, mythology, diet and yoga as well as mental and spiritual refinement as part of its teachings. 

Ayurveda’s medical branch uses herbal medicines, minerals, animal products, food, massage, air, water, heat, earth, surgery, detoxification and tonification to bring about health. Ayurveda focuses on preventing disease and optimising vitality as much as on removing illness. Thus, it has a holistic approach to health that includes every aspect of life in a philosophy where mind, body and spirit are considered to be an integrated whole.

For the correct diacritics of these terms please see this Sanskrit glossary

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