About Us

We are a group of herbalists and health experts wanting to share our experience of herbal medicine and natural health. We are committed to exploring our clinical and practical experiences about a range of health topics from the uses of our favourite herbs in the planetary materia medica, to quality and sustainability issues facing herbal medicine, to traditional medical insights from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Western Medicine, to solutions for specific health conditions and to engage in the discussion about how we care for our personal and our society’s health. 

By sharing traditional, scientific and practical insights within herbal medicine we aim to inspire a deeper understanding of the power of plants and natural healing. By spreading knowledge of how plants can be used for supporting sustainable health we hope to help empower, engage and evolve our cultural relationship with healing plant foods and medicines.

The core team behind Herbal Reality are known as HERB (Herbal Education and Research Board). Members of HERB currently constitute Sebastian Pole, Dr. Robert Verkerk, Annie McIntyre and Katie Pande. 

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