Medicine making with children: Recipes to try at home

Making herbal medicines is a great way to empower children with self-care knowledge. We...

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Healing muscles and joints with essential oils: Recipes from an aromatherapist

All of us need relief from sore muscles and joints from time to time,...

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The use of Guggulu in Ayurveda and how to prepare it

Guggulu is a highly medicinal preparation in Ayurveda, made from a tree resin. It...

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Should I self treat at home or consult a Herbalist?

Herbal self-care is a life skill we believe everyone should have. However sometimes seeing...

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Winter warmers: Aromatherapy for respiratory health in cold and flu season

Aromatherapist Ellen Rowland explores how essential oils directly affect the respiratory system.

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Essential oils for treating inflammation: An aromatherapist’s perspective

Aromatherapist Ellen Rowland takes a look at treatment strategies of inflammation with essential oils.

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Getting the Dose Right

Getting the dosage right is key to a successful treatment. Here we will look...

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