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5 herbs instead of anti-anxiety medications

Anxiety is prevalent amongst many people, especially after the rise of chronic stress. We...

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Sleep: How it works and herbs to support it

Healthy sleep is essential for all bodily systems, and crucial for mental and emotional...

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Healing with Flowers: An excerpt from Anne McIntyre’s book

Flowers are a particularly loved part of a plant, and many herbalists work with...

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Depression: A holistic perspective and herbal solutions

Herbalist Simon Mills takes a holistic view of depression, its variations and possible herbal...

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Mental health and men: A herbalist’s perspective

How herbal medicine can support resilience, healing and transformation.

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The history of adaptogens

Jason Irving explores adaptogens which have been hailed as a panacea for many of...

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Burnout: An interview with nutritionist and burnout expert Charlotte Faure Green

Nutritionist and stress expert Charlotte Faure Green shares her knowledge and wisdom on burnout.

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Pain and CBD: How it works and how to use it

Use of CBD is from the cannabis and hemp plants has boomed in recent...

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Psilocybin and depression: Where are we currently at with the psilocybin revolution?

Collective efforts by researchers, scientists & psychedelic activists bring in major changes with the...

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5 herbs to enhance your mood in winter

These five herbs bring the comforting qualities of nature inside us helping lift our...

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We all need to relax sometimes. Modern living is stressful and our adrenal glands...

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