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Ayurveda emphasizes that the health of a child is determined long before it is born so advocates pre-conception plans for would be parents.

Children’s health: An Ayurvedic perspective

Understanding children’s health

In Ayurvedic medicine there are eight specialised branches known as Ashtang Ayurveda. The branch of Kaumar bhritya (or Baala Chikista), is equivalent to the western medical world’s paediatrics and obstetrics. It also includes treatment for fertility issues. Kaumar bhritya covers a child’s health from the time of conception to age 16 when they reach sexual maturity (1).

Kaumar bhritya is not only concerned with the physical health of mother and child but also the mental and psychological requirements of a mother and her newborn. Ayurveda understands that the mental and physical state of a mother has a direct effect on the health of the child. Kaumar bhritya recommends specific diet, routine and nourishment for women before, during and after delivery. It deals with the art of nursing, helping with purification, quantity and the quality of a mothers’ breastmilk and healthy upbringing of children (2).

Many herbs are suitable for self-care. However if a health condition does not resolve with home remedies we recommend using the information in Herbal Reality along with your health advisors, especially herbal practitioners from the professional associations listed in our Resources page (‘If you want to find a herbalist”). When buying any herbal products, you should choose responsible manufacturers with independently assured quality standards and sustainability practices. Check the label carefully for the appropriate safety and sustainability information.

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