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Brain fog and memory loss can affect all ages

Brain fog & Memory loss

Commonly associated with ageing and neurodegenerative conditions, brain fog has risen in prevalence recently as a symptom of long covid affecting all ages.

Understanding brain fog & memory loss

Brain fog & Memory loss

Memory decline is the most commonly observed cognitive change associated with ageing, described as age-related memory impairment (1).  However, memory loss such as forgetfulness can affect people of any age.  In a recent survey 1 in 10 US adults age 45+ reported experiencing worsening memory loss (2).

Brain fog is a term poorly understood, yet commonly used to describe cognitive difficulties.  Until recent years, it has mostly been associated with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as a constellation of cognitive symptoms.

More recently the term brain fog has been used by healthcare professionals and patients to describe part of persistent cognitive post-COVID-19 symptoms (3).  Brain fog with difficulty concentrating is reported to be the most frequent complaint of long covid (4).

Many herbs are suitable for self-care. However if a health condition does not resolve with home remedies we recommend using the information in Herbal Reality along with your health advisors, especially herbal practitioners from the professional associations listed in our Resources page (‚ÄėIf you want to find a herbalist‚ÄĚ). When buying any herbal products, you should choose responsible manufacturers with independently assured quality standards and sustainability practices. Check the label carefully for the appropriate safety and sustainability information.

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