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Sebastian and Simon reflect on series 1 (and introduce series 2!)

Sebastian and Simon reflect on Season 1 of Herbcast and discuss their enjoyment of speaking to thought leaders across the herbal medicine community. They introduce the solutions-focused Series 2 which aims to focus on some of the most important conditions affecting the modern world today that herbalists are treating in clinic. From digestion and inflammation to sleep, anxiety and trauma, the series will focus on the fundamentals of health as well as highlight sustainability issues faced by the industry.

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The strategic approach of Chinese Medicine with Charles Buck

Charles is a Fellow of the British Acupuncture Council where he served a 3-year term as Chairman. He regularly presents keynote sessions to conferences across the world and has published extensively.

From strategically defeating the battles of war to fighting on the battlefield of health, Charlie eloquently explains some of the theories within Chinese medicine so that we may begin to understand its rational and unique strategic approach.

Read Charlie’s article Sweet ‘n’ Sour: The importance of taste and food energetics in Traditional Chinese medicine

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Supporting American herbalists with Bevin Clare

Bevin discusses her focus shift from herbalism to the herbalists, ensuring they are supported and their skills valued. She speaks about how her early study of infectious diseases highlighted the need to treat the human experience and why not being permitted to diagnose or treat diseases in America is so liberating. Simon and Bevin reminisce on their shared time at MUIH and celebrate the unique aspects, such as bio-regionalism and cultural nuances, that make herbalism so fascinating.

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How do herbalists work in clinic with Euan MacLennan

Practising in one of the only GP practices in the country that offers herbal medicine as a service, Euan shares his insight into the benefits of an integrated health approach. A firm believer in giving people freedom of choice when it comes to individual healthcare options, Euan shares his thoughts on why a lack of funding in preventative health alongside impersonal treatment and public demand could be the driver towards more integration with state healthcare in the future.

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Herbal Pharmacognosy and Pharmacopoeial standards with Roy Upton

In this episode Roy shines a light on the serious issue of how we access our plants for herbal medicine. He explains how the work of the AHP focuses on protecting traditional herbal knowledge and ensures the safety of its use by practitioners, raising the bar for herbalists and helping to reduce fear for consumers.

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The journey into phytotherapy with Professor Kerry Bone

This rich and in-depth conversation showcases the importance of phytotherapy within herbalism, a science-based medical practice which relies on an empirical appreciation of medicinal herbs, linking back to traditional knowledge and practice. A pioneer, who has dedicated his career to the research and development of herbs, it’s widely believed by those in the industry that no one can eclipse Kerry in his herbal expertise.

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The journey of becoming a herbalist – with Ayurvedic herbal practitioner Jo Webber

Jo’s passion for Ayurveda practices and teaching shines through as she discusses her Ayurvedic journey. As a yoga teacher battling personal health issues, she became enlightened following a profound pulse-reading experience that lead her down the herbalism path. With a post-graduate Certificate in Education, she feels strongly about making diet, lifestyle, and herbal advice more readily available, so people of all ages can make informed and empowered choices for themselves. Now Jo shares her passion via teachings to make learning Ayurvedic practice simple, accessible, and powerful.

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The journey of becoming a herbalist – with Western herbal practitioner Helen Kearney

Reminiscing on the moments in her life that connected and drew her to herbalism, Helen discusses the beginnings of Betonica and how it aimed to make the studying of herbalism more accessible. She lifts the lid to explain what’s involved in the rigorous training of Herbalism, how the learning can awaken the senses, and why servicing the community plays an integral part.

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The journey of becoming a herbalist – with Chinese herbal practitioner Dr. Andrew Flower

In this episode, Andrew introduces us to the world of Chinese medicine, his learning and passion for teaching it, and the techniques he uses to do so alongside its strengths and weaknesses. He touches on the joy of its diagnostic and prescribing process as well as how to overcome the barriers of acceptance as a credible treatment in conventional systems.

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Where do all the herbs come from? – with Ann Armbrecht

In this episode, Ann discusses how the Sustainable Herbs Program wants to inspire a movement that supports high-quality herbal products, sustainable and ethical sourcing, and greater overall transparency in how herbs reach end-users.

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Introductory episode #2 – Meet Sebastian

Simon Mills (our Herbcast host) interviews Sebastian Pole (our other Herbcast host!) as a welcome and introduction to the inspiration behind Herbal Reality.

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Introductory episode #1 – Meet Simon

Simon Mills is fascinated by the insights distilled from the millions of intelligent people who over many centuries needed plants to survive. Mostly he wants to learn and share the old skills, to experience healing plants as characters that can help us fend off ill health. His passion for offering people tools to look after themselves and their families has led to working with the founders of the College of Medicine on pioneering national self-care and social prescribing projects.

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How do herbalists work in clinic – with Dr. Edward Thomson

“Integrated medicine encourages patient empowerment and responsibility, engendering the motivation and will within patients and the knowledge to help them get better themselves.”

Dr. Edward Thomson is a General Practitioner with expertise in Integrated Medicine. He believes in approaching all types of medicine, healing, and treatment with compassion and an open mindset, placing the patient and their symptoms firmly in the centre.

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Herbcast – The Trailer

Welcome along to Herbcast!

Do you know your Echinacea from your Eleutherococcus? Or your lavender from your lemonbalm? Whether you’re a budding herbalist or a botanical beginner, Herbcast is here to inform and inspire you to explore the integration of herbs in our every day lives.

Meet Sebastian, your host and founder of Herbal Reality, for a taste of what to expect from Herbcast; the podcast from Herbal reality, delving into the plant-powered world of herbalism.

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