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Season 3

Bitter Herbs for a Sweeter Life: Insights from Guido Mase

In this episode, discover the fascinating mechanisms behind how bitters work in the body, from stimulating digestive secretions to modulating hormonal responses. Learn about the evolutionary role of bitter taste receptors and their presence not just in the mouth, but throughout the gastrointestinal tract and even within the heart and lungs. Guido explains how bitters can help with common digestive issues like gas, bloating, and heartburn, as well as more serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Herbs for the problems of mood and stress: Nervines with Julian Barker

In this episode, Julian challenges the conventional categories of nervines and nootropics, offering a nuanced view of how herbs can support emotional and cognitive health. He explores the concept of somatopsychic effects, where treating physical symptoms can alleviate emotional distress, and vice versa. Julian also discusses the importance of understanding an individual’s terrain — the unique neuroendocrine and emotional landscape shaped from prenatal stages through to adulthood.

Herbs for the lungs and respiratory system with Rumana Zahn

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the simple act of breathing? Each inhale brings life-giving oxygen into our bodies, but what happens when this effortless process becomes a struggle? In this episode, Ramana Zahn reminds us that healing is a holistic journey that requires us to look at the body as an interconnected system.

Herbs for the kidney and urinary system with Dr. Sally Moorcroft

Revealing the secrets of botanical medicine in treating urinary and kidney health, Dr. Sally Moorcroft discusses the vital link between the gut microbiome and urinary function. Hear real-life success stories of patients finding relief from chronic conditions through herbal interventions.

Herbs for cleansing: Alteratives with Graeme Tobyn

In this lively discussion, Sebastian and Graeme dissect the controversial and often misunderstood category of alteratives. They explore the historical context and evolution of this herbal action, questioning its relevance and application in modern herbal practice. Graeme challenges the retreat from robust treatments like stimulant laxatives and advocates for a reinvigoration of traditional, potent herbal therapies.

Herbs for Women’s Health with Ginny Kemp

Ginny Kemp and Simon Mills discuss the nuances of supporting women through the different phases of their lives, from the onset of menstruation, through the challenges of perimenopause, to the empowerment of post-menopausal vitality. This episode is a treasure trove of herbal knowledge, spotlighting adaptogens, hormone modulators, and the importance of sleep and stress management in women’s health.

Harnessing Hepatics: Marion Mackonochie’s on Herbs for Liver Health

In this episode, Sebastian Pole is joined by Marion Mackonochie, a seasoned herbalist, senior advisor at Pukka, and editor of the Journal of Herbal Medicine. In this liver-focused episode of Herbcast, Marion and Sebastian navigate the complexities of hepatics – the category of herbs that support the liver, our body’s metabolic maestro. They discuss signs of liver imbalance, the power of bitters, and the wide-reaching impact of hepatics on conditions ranging from skin ailments to hormonal imbalances.

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