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Beyond Pills campaign: A call for herbal activism?

In an effort to reduce unnecessary prescriptions and promote selfcare, herbal medicine has much...

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Integrative medicine and how we can work together

The founder of the National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Elizabeth Thompson, shares insights on...

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Community herbalism projects: A roundup

An ode to the many forms of community herbalism, where plants and people cultivate...

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Growing food for systems change: Can it change the world?

Can growing food really help face the waves of crises we face today? We...

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Can GP practices become hubs for transition?

People are supposed to live in a community, connection is fundamental for so many...

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Herbal medicine research: What role does a herbalist play?

Herbal research has risen exponentially over the years and herbalists play a vital role....

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Our favourite healing gardens in the UK

Medicinal plant gardens are a delightful way to get to know natures medicine for...

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The Jade Screen Project

The Jade Screen Project (JSP) offers immune-enhancing and anti-viral herbal formulae for front line...

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