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Adults and children may experience allergies caused by a variety of things.

Allergies: An Ayurvedic perspective

From an Ayurvedic perspective, the underlying cause of allergies is the accumulation of toxins and low immunity.

Understanding allergies

Allergies An Ayurvedic perspective

An allergy is a reaction the body has to a particular food or substance (8). The difference between an intolerance or sensitivity and an allergy is that an allergy will trigger an immune system reaction that can affect numerous organs of the body (11).

Over the last 50 years the incidence of allergies has increased exponentially. Worldwide about 1/3 of people experience some sort of allergy with this increasing to half in the western world. This is quite shocking considering that 100 years ago allergies were much rarer. In places where people still live subsistence lifestyles allergies are practically non-existent. This changes where a more western style of living is embraced. The UK, Europe, Australia and the USA have the highest rate of allergies (2).

40% of children in the UK have been diagnosed with an allergy. Back in 2010 it was reported that 44% of British adults were diagnosed with at least one allergy. The number of people living with allergies in the UK rises by 5% every year (3).

Many herbs are suitable for self-care. However if a health condition does not resolve with home remedies we recommend using the information in Herbal Reality along with your health advisors, especially herbal practitioners from the professional associations listed in our Resources page (‘If you want to find a herbalist”). When buying any herbal products, you should choose responsible manufacturers with independently assured quality standards and sustainability practices. Check the label carefully for the appropriate safety and sustainability information.

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