Toward a sustainable future for frankincense: An ancient medicine in a modern world

Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo and Stephen Johnson explore the many changes the sustainable trade in...

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The Chinese Herbal Medicine Approach to Inflammation: Solving the Turmeric Paradox

Inflammation is the healing response of the body to tissue damage, and Chinese Herbal...

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The Art & Science of Herbal Formulation: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Herbalist Sebastian Pole explores what's in a traditional Chinese herbal formulation.

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Medicinal Mushrooms: An Introduction

Neither plants nor animals but sharing characteristics of both, mushrooms have much to offer...

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Ephedra: ma huang or ephedrine? – A lesson for herbal practitioners

Ephedra is a valuable herb. It is however banned in the USA. We take...

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The Jade Screen Project

The Jade Screen Project (JSP) offers immune-enhancing and anti-viral herbal formulae for front line...

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