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The Register of Chinese herbal medicine’s response to media backlash against herbs

Herbal medicine often faces negative press, from ill-informed sources. The Register of Chinese Herbal...

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Give herbs a chance

There is a rise in complex chronic conditions. We explore how and why herbal...

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Should I self treat at home or consult a herbalist?

Herbal self-care is a life skill we believe everyone should have. However sometimes seeing...

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A guide to safe and sustainable foraging

Foraging has boomed in popularity in recent years as people seek to connect with...

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Herbal quality & safety: What to know before you buy

We explore what to look out for when buying good and safe herbal products.

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Toward a sustainable future for frankincense: An ancient medicine in a modern world

Dr. Anjanette DeCarlo and Stephen Johnson explore the many changes the sustainable trade in...

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A brief history of herbal quality assessment: From Ancient Rome to 21st century mitochondria

Quality control has been an issue for as long as humans have used herbs...

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Kava: Mythical origins and epic coevolution

Origin Myths from various cultures and religions are fascinating examples of oral tradition. Bill...

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Botanical Drugs and Supplements that May Be Safe and Useful in COVID-19

Mark Blumenthal explores the misapprehensions surrounding the safety and efficacy of herbal ingredients to...

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Traditional herbal medicine, pharmacognosy, and pharmacopoeial standards: A discussion at the crossroads (Part 1)

Despite the development of modern medicines in the past few hundred years, herbal medicine...

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Ephedra: ma huang or ephedrine? – A lesson for herbal practitioners

Ephedra is a valuable herb. It is however banned in the USA. We take...

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Are herbs safe?

In this review we understand that herbs are not a public hazard, and that...

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Getting the Dose Right

Getting the dosage right is key to a successful treatment. Here we will look...

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The Birth of Nutraceuticals

Find out how nutraceuticals first evolved and are now a booming industry bringing the...

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