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Should I self treat at home or consult a Herbalist?

Herbal self-care is a life skill we believe everyone should have. However sometimes seeing...

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Herbs and practises for different parts of the menstrual cycle

Herbalist Natasha Richardson explains how intertwined menstruation and the moon.

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The language of Energetics: An excerpt from Kat Maier’s book

This excerpt is from Kat Maier’s new book Energetic Herbalism: A Guide to Sacred...

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Natural contraception: How it works and why it is so safe and effective

There is a natural way to stop unwanted pregnancies with natural contraception. Herbalist Natasha...

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The four seasons of your menstrual cycle and how to work with them

There are four different seasons in the menstrual cycle, all with different needs and...

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🎤🌿 Herbcast is launching in just a few days. Listen to our trailer and hear what the herbcast is all about! ⁠
🌿 Vaginal thrush is one of the most common fungal conditions affecting the vulva and/or the vagina of everyone with a female anatomy. They can be difficult to diagnose correctly and testing via swabbing is a key diagnostic. ⁠
👉 In this article find out about the root of vaginal thrush and some herbal and holistic solutions. Link in bio.
🌿 Natural contraception: How it works and why it is so safe and effective.⁠
Many people are now ditching “the pill” and looking for more natural alternatives. Thankfully there is a way to stop unwanted pregnancies without hormonal intervention.⁠
👉 Natasha Richardson @foragebotanical tells us how with the fertility awareness method. Link in bio.
We are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching our very own herbcast! ⁠
Join Sebastian Pole and Simon Mills who delve into the plant-powered world of herbalism with some of the world’s most renowned herbalists. ⁠
A podcast for budding herbalists and botanical beginners alike, the herbcast is here to inspire you to use herbs safely, effectively and sustainably.⁠
Subscribe now to the Herbcast and explore how herbs can be integrated in our every day lives. Link in bio.⁠

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