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Kava: Mythical origins and epic coevolution

Origin Myths from various cultures and religions are fascinating examples of oral tradition. Bill...

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Aphrodisiac Plants Used in Ayurveda: Complex Formulas, Ancient and Modern

Matthew Clark takes a historical glimpse at plants and formulations used in Ayurveda as...

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Is there a natural solution to the over-medicalisation of women?

Sebastian Pole explores whether it is best practice for drugs to be the first...

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Five herbs instead of Anti-inflammatories

Modern approach to most inflammatory disturbances is to suppress them with anti-inflammatory drugs, but...

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Endangered Plants and Women’s Health: Fertility Herbs At Risk

Susan Leopold, Executive Director at United Plant Savers, discusses why plants used for women's...

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🤗 Your weekly Herb News - We wish everyone a gently restorative weekend. Join us as we look at the week gone by:

🌿 A deliciously fragrant member of the mint family, Lemon Balm provides effective relief from tension in the nervous and digestive systems. This relaxant effect has also been useful where stress affects the chest and heart for symptoms like palpitations and hyperventilation.
👉 Lemon balm also has a gentle lifting effect that can be very comforting for low moods. Discover lemon balm's uplifting actions:

☕️ Growing in almost every garden, melissa officinalis, also commonly known as lemon balm, is not only popular with bees but is an excellent herb for children.
👉 Why not make a large pot of tea for the whole family and enjoy our Melissa's magic tea whenever you want to relax and raise your spirits.

🥱 Stress is the sum of physical and emotional reactions of our body and mind when we are working above our normal threshold. Particularly, when our exposure to stress becomes excessive over a longer period of time, it can adversely affect our health, disrupting our hormonal balance, immune resistance and mental health.
👉 Explore the root causes and symptoms of stress, and take a look at herbal and holistic solutions:

⚕️ Fatigue: A much wider problem than tiredness
One of the most common symptoms herbal practitioners are confronted with by their patients is persistent tiredness. This is often accompanied by other distressing symptoms such as compromised immune defences, poor digestive performance, depression, cognitive impairment, and a variety of aches and pains. The tiredness itself can be severely depleting, even paralysing, and significantly impacting the patient's life.
👉 Fatigue and persistent tiredness can significantly impact a patient's life. Discover the root causes of fatigue, diagnosis and powerful tonic herbs for treatment:

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