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Goldenseal: Sustainability status

Susan Leopold explores what can be done to ensure Goldenseal's sustainable supply in future.

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The history of ephedra: A powerful lung medicine from China

Ethnobotanist Jason Irving explores ephedra's use as a treatment for asthma.

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Beta blockers? 10 herbs to consider

Simon Mills explores 10 herbal equivalents to beta blockers.

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Winter warmers: Aromatherapy for respiratory health in cold and flu season

Aromatherapist Ellen Rowland explores how essential oils directly affect the respiratory system.

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Essential oils for treating inflammation: An aromatherapist’s perspective

Aromatherapist Ellen Rowland takes a look at treatment strategies of inflammation with essential oils.

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⚕️ Respiratory health: An Ayurvedic perspective
Respiratory disease affects one in five people and is the third largest cause of death in England. Hospital admissions for lung disease have risen over the past seven years at three times the rate of all admissions generally. Most hospital respiratory admissions are emergencies which double during the winter months. 
👉 We explore the respiratory system in Ayurveda and herbal solutions for breathing issues. Link bio.
⚕️ Respiratory health: A Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective
Respiratory disease is the leading global cause of disability and death. TCM has an extensive history treating respiratory illness and offers a comprehensive system of classification, diagnosis, treatment and, importantly, prevention.
👉 We explore the respiratory system in TCM and herbal solutions for breathing issues. Check out the link to the article in our bio.

❗️It is important to consult a qualified TCM practitioner as herbs must be carefully prescribed and modified to match the individual’s presenting symptoms, environment and constitution.

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