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I love that herbalism connects humans with the wider nature, which we are ultimately a part of.
- Helen Barnett, Herbalist


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🌍 Inflammation: The global epidemic we should be worried about by Christine Herbert, herbalist⁠
In her book Inflammation, Christine Herbert discusses the complex networks which create chronic inflammation and the use of herbs and natural healing to strengthen them. ⁠
Medicinal mushrooms are often used to treat inflammation and balance the immune system. This article shares herbal protocols for reducing inflammation.⁠
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🍄 Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor L.). The health benefits of this beautiful mushroom are anything but ordinary. While Turkey Tail has had numerous applications over time it has been shown to be beneficial for myriad conditions in research. This includes hyperlipidemia, diseases of the liver, candida and supporting gut health. In the present day, the primary therapeutic function of Turkey Tail mushrooms is to support cancer patients. ⁠
👉 Read about practitioners' views, its uses and the research.
🍄 Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor L.) - an ancient Chinese tonic and lung support, it has come to the fore in modern times as a powerful immune modulator, being able to both stimulate a depressed immune system and calm an overactive one, and has been applied most extensively to the field of oncology.⁠
👉 Read about practitioners' views and the research.

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