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I love that herbalism connects humans with the wider nature, which we are ultimately a part of.
- Helen Barnett, Herbalist


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🌿 Vervain (Verbena officinalis) holds onto its traditional value as a primary herb of the nervous system. It has been used for centuries by herbalists to support those with anxiety and depression as well as for a number of conditions affecting the liver and digestive system.⁠
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🌱 🎢 HERBCAST - Season 2 🎢 🌱 First do no harm - a sustainable approach to herbalism with Medicinal Plant Expert @JosefBrinkmann ⁠
Since 1979, Josef has worked at all levels within the medicinal plant sector; organic farming and wild collection, production of extracts, manufacturing of finished herbal medicinal products, TCM clinic, standards-setting (quality and sustainability), and consulting governmental- and intergovernmental organisations in sustainable development and biodiversity conservation projects in Africa, Asia, and South America.⁠
He currently serves as Research Fellow for Medicinal Plants and Botanical Supply Chain at Traditional Medicinals (Sebastopol, California).⁠
In this episode, Josef paints a challenging picture of how the climate crisis is impacting herbal medicine. From insights on quality and sustainability to farming challenges, this discussion highlights why ecological and socially responsible herbs are so important. ⁠
Joseph talks on:⁠
🌿 The current state of herbal medicine as an industry. ⁠
🌿 The impacts of the Climate Crisis on farming.⁠
🌿 Climate adaption and changing plant chemistry.⁠
🌿 The importance of transparency in herb origins.⁠
🌿 The role of pharmacopoeia & quality grading.⁠
🌿 Ideas around global herb conservation. ⁠
🌿 Rhodiola Rosea CITES listing.⁠
🌿 Commercial cultivation of herbs.⁠
πŸ‘‰ Follow and listen.⁠
πŸ”Ž RESEARCH SEEDS: Echinacea πŸ”Žβ 
In this article, we discuss and summarise the aims, methods, results, discussion and conclusion of this study, whose aim was to highlight the cellular mechanisms which cause echinacea’s immuno-stimulant activities.⁠
Our aim is to simplify herbal science and make it accessible to all.⁠
β†’ Read more. Link in bio.⁠ ⁠⁠
πŸ’œ Echinacea purpurea πŸ’œβ 
A stunning and easy-to-grow addition to every herb garden, Echinacea purpurea – also known as purple coneflower – is an essential of every herbal apothecary. Its stimulating sweet and spicy tingly-taste reveals its potential for galvanizing immunity. The bees and butterflies certainly seem to enjoy it! ⁠
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