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The Story of Life: People, Plants and Planet

Written by Sebastian Pole

However hard we might try not to be; we are all interconnected. Each living being interacts with its environment which includes, people, plants and the elements. Here we discuss why this is so important at achieving harmony.

We live in a time where the dominant mechanistic world-view is becoming more and more exposed as a naïve interpretation of the interdependent nature of life. That this ideology has infiltrated how we grow our food, rear our animals, raise our children, heal our society and look after our planet means we have largely forgotten quite how important the web of life is. And plants take a lead role in this mysterious play of life providing, in one way or another, most of our clothes, much of our shelter, all of our food and medicine. Holding such a pivotal position in our success, I want to reflect on this mutually beneficial plant-human bond and how re-engaging with the web of life keeps the future looking bright.

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