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The Register of Chinese herbal medicine’s response to media backlash against herbs

Herbal medicine often faces negative press, from ill-informed sources. Here the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine have gathered a panel of experts to respond to a recent misleading media article.

The Register of Chinese herbal medicine’s response to media backlash against herbs

Herbal medicines rightly face’s scrutiny from the press. However, the media is often contradictory, with the tendency to a negative bias that lacks professional input. Given this context, is it surprising that journalists rarely consult herbalists for their expertise? One of the most recent media publications from the Daily Mail claims that “Health experts issue warning to pregnant women over traditional Chinese medicine”. This contradicts another Daily Mail headline “Chinese medicine could double the chances of childless couples conceiving”. No wonder the public are confused.  We recommend that journalists contact the relevant experts and professional bodies to ensure their articles reflect a balanced view.

The Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) have responded to the issue of using Chinese herbs during pregnancy with a press release to contextualise the mistaken claims and critically analyse the research referred to, which is full of methodological flaws. Crucial details such as whether the medicines were self-prescribed or prescribed under the advice of a properly trained and qualified practitioner were not included in the research.  

Experts include Dr Trevor Wing; fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Fellow of the RCHM, Lily Lai; PhD, a BMJ published academic and practitioner who specializes in UK fertility treatment, and Dr Trina Ward; a PhD researcher and practitioner and Sarah Price PhD; a leading academic, all contributed.  

We encourage you to read this response and share it amongst your peers and networks: RCHM Press Release – response to Daily Mail Article 25-04-2023

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