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Ayurvedic lifestyle tips based on circadian rhythms  

Written by John Douillard, DC, CAP

Rasayanas, or ancient Ayurvedic strategies and rituals for longevity and rejuvenation, help you live in sync with nature’s seasonal and daily cycles for better health and happiness. This article explains how to incorporate them into your life.

The Science of Circadian Rasayanas

In 2017, research explaining the underlying mechanisms of how plants and animals adapt to circadian rhythms was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology.  

After nearly 200 years of exploration by scientists, the impacts of circadian rhythms, created by the Earth’s 24-hour rotation, were recognized by the world’s top scientific institution.

Sadly though, modern medical recommendations for how to live in balance with circadian cycles of light and dark and seasonal change are still a topic of debate and confusion.

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