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How to make a salve

“Salves are a gentle and natural remedy for soothing dry, itchy, irritated skin.”

What is a salve and what does it benefit?

how to make your own herbal salve

Also sometimes called balms or ointments, salves are fatty emollient remedies with a healing effect. They are multi-functional depending on the ingredients you decide to use as there are differences between them which we have outlined below. Salves are applied topically to the skin to nourish and hydrate dry and cracked hands and heels, especially in the cold and harsh winter months. They are also soothing for sunburns, infections, rashes, chesty congestion and muscle aches and pains. 

Salves are generally made of organic beeswax and infused herbal oils with essential oils to make a semi-solid ointment. You can use base oils such as organic coconut, olive, sesame, sunflower and sweet almond oil and also consider fats like cocoa or shea butter too. Please note that candelilla and carnauba wax are alternatives to beeswax have challenged sustainability status. Each have their own unique benefits with good extraction and preservation properties.

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