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Perceptions of herbal medicine in the media

Written by Pat Thomas

This is the question we pose to our media, ‘do we abandon the potential benefits of botanicals to uphold outdated prejudices, or do we move into a new era of deeper understanding – and better health?’

If you are a regular user of herbal remedies, you may have just shrugged off the article in the Daily Mail as yet another example of herb bashing.

But it was worth paying attention to because in a few short paragraphs it illustrated so much of what is wrong with the way our media perceives and reports on issues around herbs.

A 16-year-old girl who wanted to lose weight decided to try green tea. Instead of simply going to the supermarket like most of us would, she went online and ordered the tea from a Chinese supplier.

According to the story[i] just 3 cups a day was enough to give her hepatitis.

The authors writing in BMJ Case Reports warn that herbal remedies, including tea and supplements with Camellia sinensis, are ‘readily available from unregulated sources such as the internet and are increasingly used’.[ii]

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