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Chinese herbal medicine treatment on female infertility with high FSH

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A case study by Qikan Yin


High FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) is one of many frustrating reasons which can lead to female infertility. Unfortunately what modern medicine can do is limited. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is used as a main treatment method. It helps to regulate menstruation and relieve some of the symptoms, however, this treatment does not necessarily improve poor ovarian reserves. The artificial oestrogen sends signals to the brain that it doesn’t need to stimulate the ovaries to produce oestrogen, which in turn causes a hormonal imbalance. Meanwhile, there are shortcomings of HRT, such as many side effectives, limited indications and many relative contraindications. The original problem is quick to recur after stopping the medicine, and there is a potential risk of cancer.

Clinical research shows Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an effective treatment method for high FSH. In TCM theory, the kidney is the organ in charge of reproductive hormones and other organs. Therefore, the key point of treating infertility due to high FSH is to nourish the kidney to support oestrogen. Meanwhile, strengthening the Spleen-Qi and promoting the blood to nourish the uterus and ovaries. Together this restores the ovarian function, thickens the uterine lining, rectifies the hormonal imbalance, reduces the FSH level, and achieves the ultimate goal of treating infertility.

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