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Seasonal eating and fasting with Ayurveda

The change in atmosphere and temperature moving from the bright summer months into the changeable months of Autumn, does not just affect the climate, it also affects our body and mind too. With the changing colours, blowing winds and hopefully a bit of Autumnal sunshine, how can we support our health as we transition through the seasons?

Summer sees an increase in warmth and sunlight. With more warmth, the qualities of dryness and lightness increase in the environment and hot pitta and dry vata naturally build. In order to keep pitta and vata in check and under control, plenty of cooling and calming measures are required. Here are just a few ideas to help you stay in balance in Summer:

  • Get up early and enjoy the cool dewy mornings to connect with nature and ground yourself
  • Daily 5-10 minute morning calming self-massage with a replenishing oil such as coconut to nourish your skin.
  • Your diet should primarily consist of sweet, bitter and astringent flavours that are cool, refreshing and liquid but that are also light and easy to digest. Here are just a few that suit pitta: Almond milk, rosewater, coconut, rice, quinoa, oats, asparagus, sprouted mung beans, green leafy veg, hemp seed oil and ghee are good. Raw foods such as salads require more energy and heat to digest, so it’s best to avoid these as a main evening meal to prevent your digestive fire becoming active overnight. 

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