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The Ayurvedic Approach to Digestive Health and Nutrition

Written by Sebastian Pole

‘The body is the outcome of food. Even so, disease is the outcome of food. The distinction between ease and disease arises on account of wholesome nutrition or the lack of it respectively.’
Charaka Samhita (an early Ayurvedic text from 1 BCE)

Ayurveda could be called the ‘science of digestion’. It believes that a faulty digestion is the cause of most diseases. Certainly, the majority of patients presenting in my clinic have some form of digestive disorder. However good your diet is, if your digestion is impaired then you cannot absorb the appropriate nutrients required for nourishment. This ultimately causes in the depletion of the entire system and results in disease. However, a good diet is essential too. In this article I want to look at the Ayurvedic perspective of how both the quality of food we eat as well as the quality of digestion influence our health and how by treating the ‘root’ cause of disease we can help our patients heal.

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