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Too busy for health? The link between our fast-paced lives, nutrition and psychology

http://livelifepursuehappy.com/ps:/youtube.com/embed/k84XLN49-qI Written by anes Dr. Poorvi Bhat

cytotec without prescription Think of this scenario: You had a long day at work and you are craving a midnight snack, you open your fridge and see an apple and a cupcake, what are you likely to pick up? I would guess the cupcake. Though the healthier choice would obviously be the apple, few would make that choice. This is because we rarely decide what to eat purely based on what is nutritious. 

For the most part, we understand what is healthy – whole foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, lean proteins, so on – but why does this not translate to eating healthier? That is because food is far more complex than merely calories, vitamins or antioxidants, and what we eat is determined by social, psychological and cultural cues as well (1). 

What we eat is a product of our surroundings, values and mood as much as it is about what is healthy. The setting in which we eat is called our food environment, and this is an important influencer of our choices.  Factors that influence our food environment include proximity to food, access to an appropriate setting to eat, labelling, placement of food in supermarkets, and so much more (2). 

I am a food-loving Nutritionist and Naturopathic physician. I completed my Bachelor's in Naturopathy and Yoga from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, and my Master's in Nutrition at King's College London. I come from a family rooted in Ayurveda since the 1800s, and a long line of indegenous female herbalists. Mindful eating, Vedic philosophy and the intersectionality of ancient wisdom and modern life are my areas of interest. I currently work as a freelance Nutritionist and my practise involves blending my hereditary knowledge with evidence-based practise, always striving to walk the middle path.

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