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Since Herbal Reality started, we had so much wonderful feedback and we would love to share this with you. If you want to let us know what you think about Herbal Reality or how we can improve, just drop as an email info@herbalreality.com

I am the biggest fan. I think its such an important resource and just so easy to navigate for people, really accessible and the layout and the format its just brilliant.” – Anonymous

I just came across you page! Your health quiz is absolutely amazing – such a great idea and it’s so thorough and informative.” – Anonymous

It’s so amazing – such a fantastic idea! Well done! I love the ethos, it’s like herbalist advocacy!” – Anonymous

You’re pretty good as you are! Please resist any urges to go for what gets ‘likes’, please make sure you don’t go down the rabbit hole of following fads (commenting on them is another matter). ” – Anonymous

Publications, and resources such as you have, helps those of us, trying our best, to be better, live right, and enjoy what the Earth can still provide for us. Please, keep up the excellent work. And FYI, I don’t take anything at face value, I research everything! – Anonymous

Was recommended your website by my brother, as he knows that I am doing a diploma with CNM in nutrition. Just listened to Ginny Kemp on women’s health. Refreshed my memory on the module, giving a wealth of insights on treating women through their life stages. Loved the dialogue with the gentleman interviewing her, noting different perspectives, rationale, and looking at what herbs are endemic to your country. As was rightfully pointed out, women clients do predominate our consultations. So employing herbal remedies should always be a part of our repertoire. Better yet, in the same way that I recognise my limitations as a nurse in the NHS, and collaborate with the multidisciplinary team, or a colleague with a broader aspect of care, so should my practice be in a holistic, complementary discipline. No man is an island. Again, I say ‘Bravo’ to the expertise, and passion shared.” – Ingrid Wellman-Francois

As a student of medical herbalism I find your site invaluable. Thank you doing what you do to spread the word about the benefits of herbs.” – Anonymous

Very impressed with Herbal Reality and all the varied information it provides.” – Anonymous

The website is excellent, so informative. More podcasts please :-)” – Anonymous

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