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Herbal and nutritional therapy for PTSD, fibromyalgia and chronic anxiety

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A case study by Giacomo Sandri

This patient had suffered chronic anxiety for 20 years, as well as painful fibromyalgia, social anxiety and high sensitivity to EMF. Through herbs, nutrition and EMDR therapy the patient achieved a remarkable improvement in her quality of life with reduced pain and anxiety.


The following case study explains treatment for anxiety and fibromyalgia with nutrition and herbal medicine. The relevance of this case study is remarkable as the conventional pharmacological management of anxiety and fibromyalgia is, in most cases, limited to symptom suppression and often does not address the root cause. On the other hand, although a psychotherapeutic approach to fibromyalgia and anxiety could be helpful, it fails at addressing more physiological aspects such as nutrition and biochemical imbalances. This case study shows how addressing a patient’s condition through a holistic protocol, taking in consideration nutrition, lifestyle, social life and psycho-emotional wellbeing is crucial for long lasting positive results. Ultimately, the case demonstrates the efficacy of a treatment plan based on herbal medicine prescription and nutritional advice.

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