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The Lipid Layer: Medas Dhatu, Health and Balanced Weight

Written by Sebastian Pole

What role does good fat play in the body? Our lipid layer protects, comforts and nourishes our whole body. Here we delve into deep Ayurvedic thoughts on the role of fat.

We need to have a good supply of good quality (sara dhatu) fat tissue (medodhatu) to be healthy.

What is the lipid layer?

Our fat, or ‘lipid layer’ protects us, comforts us as well as helps to carry fat-soluble nutrition into our body and brain. According to Ayurveda our fat tissue is made from a combination of the Water and Earth elements that bring protection to our organs, bones and tissues. However, if we have too much or too little or poor quality fat tissue then health can become imbalanced. Too little fat tissue then we can be too thin with cracking joints, joint weakness, tired and brittle hair, bones, nails  and teeth. Too much and there can be obesity, excess fat tissue around the breasts, abdomen and buttocks, sexual debility, asthma, poor mobility, fear, hypertension and diabetes. If the fat is of poor quality and the doshas (Ayurvedic constitutions) invade it then there can be multiple symptoms from hard and small lumps, excessive sweating, kidney infections, diabetes, fibroids and other growths dependant on the causative factors.

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