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Pollutants, pesticides and our microbiome: How they all affect allergies

  • Immunity
  • 9:50 reading time (ish)
  • 1869 words

Written by Dr. Viv Rolfe

The onslaught of synthetic chemicals has affected people’s immune systems, and microbiomes. Because of this allergies are on the rise, and this enlightening article explains how it  all works. 

An allergy is an over-zealous immune response by the body to an environmental trigger that is usually something common like food, pollen or pet hair. Whilst many of us experience mild symptoms like itchy eyes or sneezing, for others, allergy can be severe and in the case of anaphylactic shock even life-threatening.

Allergies are on the rise globally, but is it possible that other internal or external factors are heightening our responses? Are we over-burdening our immune systems through our lifestyles and environments?

This article explores these key questions, but first describes what allergies are and the evidence to show they are increasing.

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