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Herbal treatment of Ulcerative Colitis

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A case study by bitter Jonny Woodall


Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is an autoimmune disease that is prevalent in around 1 of 420 people living in the UK. Both men and women are equally affected by UC.

The patient contacted me during a severe flareup. A flareup that was no longer responding to any pharmaceutical steroids. The patient told me that the NHS informed him the only option remaining was the surgical removal of parts of his colon and the fitting of a colostomy bag via a stoma. The patient said to me “I will kill myself before having that fitted, so if you have something different to offer then I’m interested”.

This case study is important to me to share for a number of reasons:

  • This was one of the first patient’s I ever took on outside of university after graduating.
  • The severity of the situation was intense and I remember feeling quite nervous about offering to help this patient.
  • I learned a lot from the time I spent with this patient.
  • It is a profound success story that has inspired how I formulated many a treatment plans after this patient.

After a period of intense, complicated and chronic illness in my early 20’s it was herbal medicine and holistic therapies that saved my life. I went back to university to study to become a medical herbalist, graduating with a first in 2017. I have since gone into clinical practice. My commitment is to facilitate change by helping my patients bridge the connection between their body, mind, lifestyle and behaviours. Herbs are a fantastic tool for helping us transcend states of ill-health and step into power, balance and transformation.

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