Phil Deakin

About Phil

I feel that plant-based medicines are the future of health and wellbeing, and that herbalists are without a doubt the most amazing people ever.

My herbalist friends have recently helped me to make my own journey from family doctor to herbal practitioner with such kindness, consideration and generosity of spirit. Their insights and perspectives have shaped a new awareness within me of how important it is to consider health and wellbeing in its entirety, rather than simply focus on symptoms alone or search doggedly for single causes of illness at the expense of clearly seeing the whole person in front of us.

To consider the ways that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self all interact to govern our lives and the lives of those around us.

To listen to our patients, understand them, and empower them.

Medical herbalists are equipped with many conventional medical skills and can engage with modern science and research when needed, but we also have centuries of traditional and cultural understanding to support and inform our work. Using the wisdom of plant medicine to help our patients on so many levels, and in so many ways.

See a herbalist. Feel better.

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