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About Mary

The green, vivacious medicine of herbs carries physiologically active constituents as well as the deep energy of the land. I love this place of synergy between science, plants and healing – everyday I see evidence of the efficacy of this approach.

My expertise as a herbal practitioner and dedicated healer enable me to offer you a unique pathway to your good health.

Western Herbal Medicine can manage and support a wide range of health concerns including digestive, respiratory and
joint problems, hormone imbalances, skin complaints and allergies. I am especially interested in supporting people with stress, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue and am committed to supporting
the wellbeing of the local community.

I take any emotional, social, chemical and environmental stressors that may impact the quality of your life into account, as well as making a medical diagnosis upon which I base my recommendations and prescription.

Following a comprehensive consultation, I create a synergistic herbal medicine specific for each of my patients, I will actively engage you in this process.

My onsite dispensary holds a wide palette of sustainable, quality herbs. Most of the medicines I prescribe are those prepared with conscious intention in my dispensary from the herbs I grow organically or forage sustainably from the mystical landscape surrounding Glastonbury Tor.

I offer nutritional advice where appropriate and have access to a wide variety of quality nutritional supplements at affordable prices.

My practice is informed by current evidence and grounded in the holistic approach of traditional Western Herbalism. I qualified with a BSc. Hons. degree in herbal medicine from the University of East London in 2015 and joined the National
Institute of Medical Herbalist the same year.

My clinic overlooks the Somerset levels with views to Glastonbury Tor providing a calm, unique environment for your consultation. I keep a medicinal herb garden where you are welcome to relax whilst your individual herbal prescription is prepared.

I runs walks, talks, practical workshops and courses from my clinic and venues around Glastonbury. Due to the new requirements around social distancing I am gradually transferring this knowledge base to my online school – Avalon Herbal Wisdom.

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