Lily Canetty-Clarke

About Lily

I became interested in herbal medicine while studying nutrition in Sydney at the Australian college of natural therapy. There they integrated herbs into our studies and it left me yearning to learn more. I graduated from Westminster University in 2019.

I love sharing knowledge and educating the most. The knowledge herbalists hold was once held by the masses and passed from one generation to the next and it saddens me that so much of this information is lost to the general public and there is so much medicine at their fingertips to inspire a greater interaction with the natural world. I also love dispensing – I find it incredibly calming.

With a background in psychology and nutrition before I trained as a herbalist I aim to offer a truly holistic practice both in my style of diagnosis but also in my treatment. I love and am deeply influenced by Ayurvedic traditions after training with Annie McIntyre and I integrate these teachings in my practice a lot.

By the end of the year I will be launching a private practice in women’s health. I want to build a really gorgeous safe space that is nourishing to my patients. From 2021 I will be adding a new string to my bow as I will be shortly qualified to give facials which will be 100% natural botanical inspired treatments that will allow me to provide a truly holistic offering to my patients both for those directly affected by skin problems and for those just looking for a relaxing stress relieving, natural treatment.

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