Jonny Woodall

About Jonny

My first experience of herbal medicine was in my early 20’s. I was suffering with a myriad of health problems, particularly mental health issues centred around anxiety, suicidal depression and OCD. I lost my job, my relationship and social group, becoming agoraphobic I started to stay isolated for periods of time whilst living in the dining room of my mother’s house. After years of pharmaceutical interventions doing more harm than good I had a religious experience that led me to delve into meditation, dietary changes and nutritional supplements. This influenced me to experiencing positive health changes that eventually built a momentum towards making even more aligned changes in my life. The most important aspect of that was meeting a herbalist, who after prescribing me just 1 herb ultimately transformed my path. The response was quite unbelievable and within a year I was on the herbal medicine degree at Lincoln university. In 2017 I graduated with a first class honours degree and I have been in clinical practise ever since. My health has since gone onto improve consistently year on year. I now feel free of my psychiatric diagnosis and have not had any contact with the mental health services for over many years now.

My herbal work focuses on connecting patterns between childhood experiences, trauma, family constellations, archetypes and using herbs with a mix of scientific and intuitive influences. I have a particular interest in addiction, men’s health and autoimmune diseases.

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