Helen Kearney

About Helen

I graduated from the University of East London in 2012 with  A BSc Hons in Herbal medicine. I have had a lifelong interest in plants and growing things cultivated by spending time in my Grandmother’s garden. After having children I looked for ways to treat them with natural herbal remedies and this led to me starting my training when my youngest child was 2. In 2015 were moved to Elder Farm: a 5 acre off grid, organic small holding where we have established a business growing medicinal herbs.

We make a range of over the counter products and medicines used to treat my patients. I am a director and clinic supervisor for The Betonica School of herbal medicine which runs a medical herbalist training programme as well as home herbalist courses.

I have been a NIMH member since graduating . Being a land based herbalist is relatively rare and I enjoy the opportunity to grow as many of the plants I need to make medicine. We chose the name Elder Farm as the Elder tree was known as the herbalist’s medicine chest with every part of the tree having a medicinal use.


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