Giacomo Sandri

About Giacomo

My interest in medicinal herbs and natural healing has been built on a deeper passion for food and nutrition which I had developed within my family nucleus. Travelling and getting to know alternative living realities in Australia and Spain also remarkably contributed to ignite my desire to know in depth the relationship between plants and humans.

Originally from Italy, I moved to the UK in 2014 with the sole purpose of studying herbal medicine. I graduated at Lincoln University in 2017 and became part of NIMH . I then decided to move to Bristol to deepen my knowledge of the human body by studying holistic and remedial massage and become a member of the Massage Training Institute (MTI). Through the course of my career I have attended several CPD courses including facial acupressure, advanced manual therapy and various supplement training with the main sustainable nutriceutical brands.

The type of therapy that I offer is unique as it combines herbal medicine, nutrition and bodywork. In my practice I usually see individuals who have turned to alternative medicine as the conventional treatments provided little or no help for chronic, degenerative or post-acute musculoskeletal conditions. The ultimate aim of my therapeutic sessions is always to empower the individual by supporting them in improving their mobility and minimising their symptoms while finding an optimal diet and a life-affirming lifestyle.

My consultation usually last 60 minutes for regular herbal medicine clients and 90 minutes for the massage-herbal medicine programme. I mostly work with tinctures and powdered herbs and at the end of my consultations/ sessions I usually prescribe a blend of tinctures or powders alongside dietary advice and exercises.

In my future as therapist I aim to include in my practice subtler forms of bodywork such as QiGong and Tui Na and deeper form of psychological therapy such as hypnosis, NLP and counselling.

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