Ephedra: ma huang or ephedrine? – A lesson for herbal practitioners

Ephedra is a valuable herb. It is however banned in the USA. We take...

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The Jade Screen Project

The Jade Screen Project (JSP) offers immune-enhancing and anti-viral herbal formulae for front line...

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Back to the future: How plant medicine can save us from antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics have undoubtedly saved millions of lives but the assumption that they are safe...

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Do You Know Where Your Herbs Come From?

Do you know how herbs for herbal medicine are harvested and by whom? Paying...

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Are herbs safe?

In this review we understand that herbs are not a public hazard, and that...

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Healing the Whole

How herbs are changing the face of the world through a holistic approach to...

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Getting the Dose Right

Getting the dosage right is key to a successful treatment. Here we will look...

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The Birth of Nutraceuticals

Find out how nutraceuticals first evolved and are now a booming industry bringing the...

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The Story of Life: People, Plants and Planet

However hard we might try not to be; we are all interconnected. Each living...

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