The Ayurvedic Approach to Digestive Health and Nutrition

In this article Sebastian Pole looks at the Ayurvedic perspective of how both the...

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Pyrrolizidine alkaloids: What you need to know

What are pyrrolizidine alkaloids, are they dangerous and what is being done to reduce...

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Turmeric: An old world, modern day panacea, or state-of-the-art sports medicine?

Ancient, tried and tested, multi-faceted, proven, the closest thing to a magic bullet, state-of-the-art…?...

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Herbal Festival Survival Guide

Top herbal tips for making the most out of your festival. How do you...

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Seasonal eating and fasting with Ayurveda

With the changing colours, blowing winds and hopefully a bit of Autumnal sunshine, how...

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation meditation technique performed in the lying position. It...

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Fair for plants as well as people

Here, Pat discusses how we can meet the ever-increasing demand for herbal medicines in...

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Balancing Oestrogen

Elevated oestrogen dominance are some of the most common factors associated with breast, uterine...

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