Does intuition play a role in modern herbal practice?

We discuss the value of intuition and how it relates to modern herbal practice.

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An Ayurvedic Perspective on Arthritis

The seasonal change that takes place moving from the heat of summer to the...

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What is detoxification?

Traditional systems of healthcare have used purification and cleansing techniques for centuries, here we...

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Perceptions of herbal medicine in the media

Do we abandon the potential benefits of botanicals to uphold outdated prejudices, or do...

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Skin Inflammations

Skin inflammations are becoming increasingly common, with atopic dermatitis or eczema affecting 1–3% of...

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From Food to Capsule

Is our modern day desire to want to ingest concentrated nutrients in the form...

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Our caffeine and sugar culture

We discuss some home truths about sugar, coffee and caffeine including its origins, evolution...

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Ulcerative Colitis & Dysentery

In this article we will consider dysentery, known as pravahika, from the standpoint of...

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The Story of Life: People, Plants and Planet

However hard we might try not to be; we are all interconnected. Each living...

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