Motherwort photo

Leonurus cardiaca

Other Names: Lions Tail, Lions Ear, Throw Wort

Relaxing and strengthening to a weakened heart and supportive of women’s natural cycles.

Botanical Description

Motherwort is a herbaceous, perennial plant that is part of the mint family. It is native to Europe and will grow naturally in hedges, banks and most often in calcareous soils. Its most distinguishable feature is its leaves, which are palmately cut into separate lobes or three-pointed segments and have a layer of soft hairs covering the surface. The plant can grow to 1-2 meters in height and produces whorls of pinky-white flowers that also display a thick layer of hairs.

How it Works

Motherwort is classed as a cardio-tonic with the ability to strengthen but not strain the heart. It is specifically indicated in heart palpitations and heart-based disorders associated with anxiety and tension. It has demonstrated a direct inhibitory effect on myocardial cells, exerting an antagonistic action against calcium chloride. It also acts as an anti-spasmodic to the heart muscle.

In women, motherwort, will stimulate a delayed or suppressed menstruation, particularly where this has been influenced by anxiety and/or tension. Similarly, in women experiencing the menopause, motherwort, can relax excess tension and stress that may be exacerbating symptoms or putting extra pressure on the heart.

Into the Heart of Motherwort

The latin and common name of this plant are key indicators of its modern and traditional usage. ‘Mother’wort is an indicator of its traditional usage to support female health, particularly menstrual and uterine based conditions affecting fertility and conception. The latin binomial cardiaca is also indicative of the plants affinity for treating heart based disorders, particularly where the condition may be exacerbated by emotional based stress.


Cardiovascular & Heart: Indicated in any heart condition exacerbated by stress. Specifically indicated in tachycardia, hypotension caused by stress and angina. Particularly useful where the heart is under high levels of emotional distress, for example during grieving or heartbreak.

Female Reproductive: Indicated in any condition affecting the functioning of the uterus. It is classed as a uterine tonic, strengthening and nourishing the uterus, preparing it for childbirth but also strengthening it after childbirth. Specifically indicated where menstruation is delayed or suppressed as a result of emotional tension.  

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