Chlorella  photo

Chlorella vulgaris

Common name: Chlorella

Chlorella is one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet which will cleanse, alkalise, energise and protect the body. It contains a unique component called Chlorella Growth Factor which boosts and supports immunity.

Botanical Description

Chlorella is one of the earliest photosynthesising microscopic freshwater plants evolving over 2 billion years ago. It is a single-cell green algae. Chlorella contains the green pigment chlorophyll, giving it a distinct green colour and will multiply rapidly through the process of photosynthesis.

How it Works

Chlorella is packed with essential nutrients including the whole spectrum of B vitamins and 58% protein.

Chlorella Growth Factor constitutes 2.5% of chlorella’s total components and is a complex of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) which give it the ability to repair cellular, nerve and muscular tissue in the body. It increases macrophage, T-cell and B-cell activity through stimulation of the immune system and also increases interferon production. Chlorella growth factor also increases the numbers of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

Chlorella is well known as an effective heavy metal and pollutant detoxifier, proven to remove cadmium, lead, uranium, mercury and dioxins.

Chlorella contains Chlorophyll and has the highest known concentration of any plant at 3%. Chlorophyll has a plethora of fantastic properties;

  • Antioxidant and detoxifying actions neutralise oxidative stressors reducing damage from environmental pollutants whilst also clearing deep seated congestion and stagnation
  • Rejuvenation by building and repairing red blood cells
  • Alkalising the blood so that it can maintain a healthy PH of 7.2
  • High levels of minerals such as magnesium and zinc which relax the nervous system and support immunity
  • Oxygenation of the blood
  • Encouraging a healthy inflammation response specifically within the digestive system and the liver

Into the Heart of Chlorella

Chlorella is a little gem packed with all your daily essentials. Chlorella has an energising nutritional profile and is packed with protein, Vitamin D and B vitamins. Chlorella Growth Factor provides superb protection and support for the immune system and encourages cell repair and renewal throughout the body. Chlorophyll is one of Chlorella’s main components and gives superb antioxidant protection whilst also encouraging effective detoxification of heavy metals and pollutants, reducing the internal inflammation that these toxins can influence. 

As the number of environmental pollutants we are exposed to increases through atmospheric pollutants and our diet, effective detoxification becomes essential to maintaining a healthy internal environment. If left to accumulate, the body can become burdened with toxic overload and vital processes such as cell growth, renewal and repair become hindered.Effective detoxification and cleansing of heavy metals and pollutants will rejuvenate the whole body. Chlorella is unique in that it will detoxify but also protect against further oxidative damage. Chlorella Growth Factor will keep the immune system strong and cellular processes will be kept at optimum functioning.


Immune: Chlorella growth factor stimulates the immune system and is indicated in weak immunity, convalescence and auto-immune conditions.

Liver: Chlorella is particularly rejuvenative to the liver supporting both phase1 and phase 2 liver detoxification processes. It will clear liver heat and any deep seated toxic congestion from environmental pollutants, medication, heavy metal contamination and alcohol abuse.

Nutrition: Chlorella contains the full spectrum of B vitamins and is 58% protein in addition to other minerals such as iron. It is indicated in nutritional deficiencies, anaemia and restrictive diets.

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