Seasonal Immunity

Seasonal Immunity photo

The winter months are the worst for battling those persistent coughs, colds and runny noses. So, Herbal Reality will be focussing on how herbs can help you support your stressed immune system.

We are entering into the formidable cold and flu season. So, naturally, Herbal Reality will be focussing on the importance of immunity, reviewing hot topics of discussion, key herbs and related conditions.

Why is our immune system so important? Simply put, it’s our primary defence mechanism, protecting our body from pathogenic invasion, keeping us fit and healthy.

The human immune system is incredibly complex, impacting upon almost every body system. It helps us to maintain the relationship between our mental, physical and spiritual selves through achieving homeostasis, or a ‘controlled internal environment’. Our immune systems are wired to help our body differentiate what should and should not be present, what is helpful to us and what is not; when our body is bombarded with alien chemicals it puts our immune systems into overdrive, slowly weakening them preventing it from functioning at its maximum efficiency.

Currently, our immune systems are under increased levels of stress due to exposure to a plethora of new and complex chemicals present not only in our food chains but in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and domestic products. And then there is the impact of antibiotics...check out our news piece on antibiotics to find out more.


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